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“Surface disinfection is a key component in your overall strategy to protect personnel from coronavirus.” -Frank Kelsey, HAS Chief Science Officer

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Coastal Ag Supply

The Heart of Highland Ag

The American farmer grows the best produce in the world, but his dedicated work is strenuous and not without constant risk. Our CEO, Steve Maxwell saw this first hand as a young boy while spending summers in the small southern town of Cairo, Georgia. It was there where he worked with his grandfather on the farm growing all sorts of products.

“I saw what went into growing a crop,” he says “The extensive land preparation, the planting and concerns over the weather, disease and labor, and government regulations. Our purpose at Highland is to help growers get the most for their dollars by providing everything they need for their growing operations.”


Food Safety

Highland Precision Ag provides an online farm management system, Highland Hub, that enables growers to study the past, see the present and plant for the future. Food safety programs and all record keeping is virtual, while monitoring critical control points, crop protection usages and input costs.

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Coastal Ag Supply is a full service distributor of crop protection products for conventional and organic growers with a focus on specialty crops such as strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, squash and tomatoes. Coastal carries a full line of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizer, bagged and bulk dry fertilizer, and supplemental nutritionals for foliar deficiencies. Our Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) provide crop consultation and recommendations, with competitive pricing and same-day delivery options.

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Highland Fresh is your source for proven food safety and sanitation solutions for the challenging environment of packinghouses and produce processing facilities. Our products are approved for use in organic processing, from fruit and vegetable treatment and equipment sanitation, to floor and drain products that address cross contamination where problems can linger. We carry specially formulated cleaners designed for the sugars and organic soils associated with produce. Our robust, reliable equipment is tailored to your operational needs to save time, reduce labor costs, and get the job done the right way. Our decades of expertise in food microbiology, decay control, post-harvest physiology and real world logistics, mean we have the products and the knowledge to help you improve your process by preventing and solving problems.

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Epic Affect

Sowing love, reaping change.

The heart of Highland Ag Solutions (HAS) is to fight for the American farmer. Epic Affect is the non-profit branch of HAS that puts a face to the farmers that are worth the fight. We share their stories and then give towards a cause of their choice, in their community, and in their honor. Our goal is to create a supportive community for our Highland farmers by bridging the gap of communication between consumers and farmers, as well as literally building their hometown communities through charity.

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Historically, I have relied on the public use weather networks and simple thermometers on my farm to make decisions concerning when to turn on the frost protection. Now that I have installed the Highland WeatherTrees in critical locations on my farm, I have come to realize how vulnerable my crops were to the weather. The variations between my fields and the public use stations are significant and the location of the weather station is such a critical element. I had been making serious frost protection decisions with information from weather stations miles away from my farm and in hindsight that was not smart. Words can’t describe the value of knowing exactly what is going on in each of my fields with such accuracy. These weather stations are one of the best investments on my farm.
Jerome Crosby
Chairman of the Georgia Blueberry Commission
Highland Ag Solutions has been a true partner of Sizemore Farms. Their highly qualified team listens to local farmers and works with them to find practical solutions to the current problems facing the produce industry. The innovative tools at Highland Ag Solutions are helping us farm smarter and streamline regulatory compliance, creating more time for our employees to do what we love: grow fresh, local produce for our customers!
John Sizemore
Sizemore Farms
We have a lot of data, so if you ask me what the soil and leaf samples are in a particular field or zone, I could look that up and tell you. With the Highland platform, it is much easier to pull that information up and track it with a more visual, map-based layout.
Brittany Lee
Florida Blue Farms
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